CND™ SHELLAC™ brand introduces its FASTEST system yet!

Application in half the time, removal in just 5 minutes!


Brand NEW innovation from CND™ that will transform CND™SHELLAC™ services and treatments.

XPRESS5™ will create (if you can believe it) even shinier CND™SHELLAC™ nails and XPRESS5™ will allow the product to remove from the natural nail plate beautifully in an unheard-of 5 minutes!! This is 40% faster than our present removal time and an amazing 80% faster than competitive ‘Gel Polishes’.

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New CND™LED Lamp

  • Cures in half the time (as compared to CND™ UV Lamp)
  • Targets UV exposure to the nail area only
  • Maximum shine and long wear thanks to patent-pending 3C
  • Technology™ which optimizes light, energy and time
    –    Two light beams target long wear and shine
    –    Energy adjusts for each service step
    –    Time-controlled pulsing for a precise cure
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • The only LED lamp designed to completely and evenly cure
    CND™ SHELLAC™ brand 14+ day nail color and BRISA™ Gel