Lycon Precision Waxing

By using exclusively Lycon wax, we can prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness along with the associated painful sting. In fact, made only of the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 2mm.  Known as the professional’s choice in quality wax, Lycon has became an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world.

With different flavours such as SoYummy Chocolate & Hazelnut Wax or SoBerry Delicious, your body can enjoy your favorite treats and you can relax with the sweet scents. Creamy and gentle, they are ideal for waxing every part of your body and especially for the sensitive areas. It’s time to wave goodbye to skin trauma, irritation and pain and say hello to smooth, clean and gentle waxing.

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Woman with Lycon Precision Waxing

Price List

Warm Wax

Brow, lip or chin (10 mins) – £10.00
Brow, lip & chin (25 mins) – £25.00
Underarm (15 mins) – £15.00
Bikini line (15mins) – £20.00
Bikini plus (20 mins) – £25.00
Brazilian (30 mins) – £33.00
Hollywood (40 mins) – £38.00

Strip wax

Full-leg (45 mins) – £30.00
Three quarter leg/Thigh – £20.00
Lower leg(20 mins) – £20.00
Forearm ( 15 mins) – £15.00

For Men

Chest (20 mins) – £25.00
Chest & abdomen (30 mins) – £30.00
Back (30 mins) – £35.00
Back £ shoulders (35 mins) – £40.00
Full-leg (45 mins) – £35.00
Brow (15 mins) – £15.00

We offer a full waxing service for men, so if you are considering waxing an intimate area, our therapist can advice you on the most suitable treatment. Prices from £25-£50.00.