Bipolar Radiofrequency

The Duo RF device emits a bipolar Radiofrequency that increases skin temperature, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen and encourages the contraction of skin fibres. By penetrating the superficial layers of the skin, the waves are absorbed and converted into heat. This warming effect increases collagen production and stimulates fibroblast tissue cells. Consequently, the skin regains flexibility and firmness.

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Spectacular Results

Short-term: The retraction of collagen fibres ( length & depth-wise).
This promotes skin tightness, which becomes visible after one treatment.Skin appears firmer and more radiant. Long-term: The heat produced encourages fibroblast tissue cells to activate new collagen growth.

Body Treatments

The Duo system is able to reactivate the areas where cellulite accumulates ( hips, abdomen, knees, thighs.)
The effect achieved during the session is stable and lasts for many months in reduced volumes, while in the more voluminous areas, periodic treatments are required to maintain the results achieved.Great pre- holiday treatment. Achieve a firmer looking skin with cellulite reduction, lift buttocks and back of thighs, firm inner thighs and toned abdomen.

  • 1x treatment (30 min) treatment. £50.00
  • 5x treatment (30 min) treatment. GET ONE FREE! £200.00